Ivy Fern (makesmysoulhurt) wrote in retainerclub,
Ivy Fern

1. How long have you had your retainer?:uhh, a little under one year, i got it after i got my braces off.

2. what color is it?: well tomorrow it will be teal, cause i had to get a new one since i lost the other one like a month ago...

3. do you have a design on it? if so, what is it?:my old one had a rainbow.... :(

4. have you ever broken it? [stepped,crushed,bent,etc]:nope, surprisingly...

5. have you ever gotten poked fun at for it?:mmm probably a little...i dont really remember

6. do you have a lisp bc of it?:no, not really (at least i dont think so)
7. does this retainer make u say "green" or "sugar" funny?:maybe....?
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