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The Retainer Club

For all those with the bling bling all up in their grills

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You know your thekthy. Thure you have a lithp and the kidth make fun of you at thkool for it and your mouth produthes to much thpit and you make a thucking noise all the time. But you know that even with that big hunk of metal and plathtic, you are a thekthy beatht. Altho, you chothe to take on the full-blown real wire retainer, rather than woothy out with the Invithiline. Thith maketh you hardcore ath well. Tho you know what you thould do: put a mathive thmile on your fathe and thow of that bling blingage all up in your grill. Ya heard!
Please answer and post these questions about your retainer:
1. How long have you had your retainer?:
2. what color is it?:
3. do you have a design on it? if so, what is it?:
4. have you ever broken it? [stepped,crushed,bent,etc]:
5. have you ever gotten poked fun at for it?:
6. do you have a lisp bc of it?:
7. does this retainer make u say "green" or "sugar" funny?: